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Equine Assisted Learing

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a learner-based educational experience with horses. To put it simply EAL is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth. Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working

with horses.

Ages 10 & up.

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Equine Experience

Our Equine Experience is perfect for our young horse lovers or anyone that has not been around horses before. You will learn how to safely work with horses, how horses communicate, grooming, leading

and a lead line ride.

Ages 4 & up.

*Please Note* 

We are not currently taking new bookings for this offering.


Meet & Greet

Our Meet & Greet is the perfect way to meet us and our herd. You'll learn about horses and how to stay safe when working with them, groom and lead our smallest herd member, Prize. 

Ages 3 & up.


Riding Lessons

We offer horseback riding lessons for riders of all skill levels. Our knowledgeable instructor will help you learn the fundamentals of riding and horsemanship in a safe and fun environment. We strive to create an enjoyable and fun learning experience for all our students and horses.

Ages 6 & up.


Solstice Gathering

Join Fairytale Wellness & Subtle Body Freedom for an evening of connection, gratitude and horse medicine to celebrate summer solstice. Your evening inlcudes:

  • Card Pull

  • Horse Meet & Greet

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Sound Bath

  • Herbal Tea & Closing Session

June 20th from 7-9:30pm


Gallop to Great Savings!

4 Sessions

Equine Meet & Greet



Spend time with our horses on a regular basis and experience their calming presence

Valid for 12 months

6 week series of sessions

EAL Private 6 Week Program



Perfect for those looking to connect & grow in a program tailored to their goals and needs.

Valid for 3 months

4 Sessions

Horseback Riding Lessons



Build and grow your skills with consistent lessons 4 times a month.

Valid for 12 months

  • Why do we choose to work with horses for our Equine Assisted Learning program?
    The single most asked question is, why do we work with horses in our EAL program? The number reason we work with horses is because they are a prey animal! In a horse’s world, the rules are clear, easy to understand and dealt with swiftly when challenged. Nature provides them with instincts and senses that are very astute. For their mere survival, a wild horse must be aware of their surroundings at all times and be quick to react. They watch for the slightest movement, especially threatening body posture. Horses know how to discern the difference between a calm non-threatening approach and an anxious, nervous energy; immediately identifying individuals struggling internally. ​ Participants are guided by the horses and facilitator to come to their own decisions and work on building life skills for where they are right now in their life! The horses help humans of all ages to move forward with their lives, to build skills and to truly tap into their potential! As facilitators listen to a horse’s non-verbal communication, together, they have the ability to walk participants through to finding life-changing results. By understanding why and how horses are aware of our every movement – you will grow your self awareness and mindfulness.
  • Is Equine Assisted Learning a riding program?
    EAL is a non-riding life skills development program. We only work with horses on the ground in their natural state. You will work alongside the horses as part of your team rather than as a tool. This way, the horse can be its true self and not be "on the job". This allows for the best and true reaction of the horse and the most beneficial way of learning for you.
  • What size of group can you accommodate for EAL?
    During our pilot program we can have groups as small as 2 and to a maximum of 4 people.
  • Do I Need Experience With Horses to participate in any of your programs?
    No prior experience is necessary. All of our programs have a detailed safety briefing where we inform every group of the rules and safety precautions to take around the animals and in the arena. We always put safety first and can accommodate everyone's different comfort levels around the horses.
  • What If I'm Scared of Or Don't Like Horses?
    If you aren't being pushed out of your boundaries, you aren't learning. This is an opportunity to overcome your fears or pre conceived notions about horses.
  • I have allergies, can I still participate?
    Knowing and being prepared is half the battle. Just be sure to take an antihistamine before you come
  • What does the Equine Experience include?
    Our Equine Experience sessions include learning about horses and how they communicate, safety when working with horses, grooming the horse, and depending on your comfort level a lead line ride will follow. This is offered as a group experience where we can accommodate up to 4 people aged 6 and up. Private sessions are available for an additional fee.
  • What does an Equine Meet & Greet include?
    During our Equine Meet & Greet you will meet us and our horses! You will learn how to be safe working around the horses, how they communicate, how to groom and how to lead them. A great way to have some horse time while enjoying the outdoors. Each session is 30 minutes in length.
  • How old do I have to be to participate?
    For the EAL program a cognitive age of 10 years old is required. Horseback riding lessons are available for those aged 6 and up. For our young riders under age 9 we do offer a shorter lesson. Please reach out to learn more. Our Equine Experience & Meet & Greets are both a great way to meet our horses and get up close and personal. The ideal age is 4 and up.
  • Do I need certain clothing?
    The only required clothing for EAL sessions and visits are closed toed shoes for safety while working around the horses. Other than that, just dress for the weather and wear clothes that you are not afraid to get a little dusty in! Youth are provided with a CSA approved helmet for EAL sessions. If you are attending a horseback riding lesson you will need comfortable jean/long pants, and boots with a small 1" heel. Please dress for the weather as we will be outside (dressing in layers) Applying fly repellent before you arrive is a good idea during the summer. We provide CSA approved riding helmets. Helmets are mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age.
  • Are you certified and insured?
    Yes! We are certified through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, a leading organization in EAL, that offers the only certified BuildingBlock™ program in the World. We also carry extensive insurance for ourselves and those who attend our programs. We carry up to date First Aid certification through St. John Ambulance Canada and Concussion Awareness training through Equestrian Canada.
  • Do you offer horseback riding lessons?
    Yes! During our pilot program we will be offering private riding lessons to those aged 6 years old and up. All levels of experience are welcome! *Please note that for Spring 2024 we are having a soft opening and are limiting bookings at this time. Please reach out with any questions you may have.
  • Where are you located?
    During our pilot program we are operating in a small, mobile capacity with our office being located at 410 Snow Eagle Dr.. Being mobile the location of sessions may vary, we will reach out with your session location once you are booked in. We are able to offer our services wherever horses are currently permitted in Fort McMurray, including Tower Rd and Anzac too! We are hoping to have our permanent home next year, this will allow us to expand our offerings and bring even more wonderful horse based activities to our community.
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